How it began

It all started in 2017 with a craving for my all time favourite, Russian honey cake (medovik). Understanding that I was now far away from its home in Eastern Europe and that there was no way I was going to find a honey cake in Sydney, I pulled out a rolling pin, recipe and endeavoured to prepare my own for the very first time.

After adapting the recipe to suit local ingredients as they were not quite the same as in Russia, I brought along a perfected version of my honey cake to my family’s next celebration. The feedback was huge and overwhelming. Not only did a fight break out over the last pieces, my expecting cousin implored me with desperation to prepare another honey cake for her the following day.

From its impressive layered appearance to its unique caramelised honey flavour, honey cake is unlike any other cake known in Australia, and I wanted everyone to try it!

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Word spread fast about my homemade Russian honey cakes via word of mouth and on social media. By late 2018 I was working from 8AM to 2AM most days to keep up with the demand. That’s when my fiance, Sergey, started to help me. We’ve been a full-time honey cake-making duo ever since.

Sergey and I love to keep things exciting for our customers. We regularly experiment with new flavour infusions, which is how our very popular raspberry honey cake and Caramilk honey cake were born. We also get creative with our products and packaging in time for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Eid, and more. Be sure to follow our social media for our latest product creations and offers. 

How it is made

Honey cake is known for its lengthy preparation time. First a honey dough is prepared from scratch and rolled into thin honey layers for baking. While the honey layers are cooling down after baking, the sweet and sour ingredients of the cream filling are combined together. Then a honey layer is placed into a vacant tin, followed by a generous layer of cream. This process of layering is repeated multiple times until there are eight honey layers inside. The honey cake then rests in the fridge for at least twelve hours before it is removed from the tin and finished off with a coat of honey-flavoured crumbs, topped with freshly ground walnuts and a personal touch of dried aromatic rose petals.

Our honey cakes are made in small batches from our humble home kitchen in Campsie (2194). We use only high quality ingredients, free range eggs and pure honey. Our cakes are free from artificial flavours and preservatives.

We have big dreams for our honey cake. Thank you for your continuing support of us and our vision!


Christina & Sergey

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