Our Story

Then and now, our mission remains simple:
To share our favourite cake with Sydney!

Impressive layers. 
 Unique flavour. 
 Labour intensive to prepare.
That's Russian honey cake (medovik)!

Starting small from our humble home kitchen in Campsie, we prepared our honey cake for family, friends, and eventually the public. Most didn’t know what a honey cake was, but couldn’t forget it after the first pleasures of trying it.

With growing demand, especially as our Instagram page reached many thousands of followers, our home kitchen felt smaller than ever before and our baking supplies took over our apartment, so we invested our life savings into opening our dream honeycakery, located today at 595 King St, Newtown

Upgrading from a two-shelved domestic oven to a 20-shelved commercial oven to bake our honey layers was a satisfying moment that we’ll never forget!

Our kitchen today is exposed so that you can watch the magic of our honey cake being assembled onsite, by hand, layer by layer, in small batches.

We use only high quality ingredients, free range eggs and pure honey.

Our honey cakes are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Halal and vegetarian-friendly.

Are you ready to give your tastebuds a life changing experience?

Preorder online or head in store!

Christina & Sergey