The Taste of Eastern Europe

Honey-Layered Perfection

The most delicious birthday cake

Traditional Russian Honey Cake Meets Newtown

After four years of baking our traditional Russian honey cake (medovik) for the public from our humble home kitchen in Campsie, Sergey and I have recently opened our very first (and Sydney’s first) honeycakery at 595 King St, NewtownWe’ll never forget how we started, where we came from or the many kind customers who collected honey cake from our home. Thank you. ❤

What is Honey Cake (Medovik)?

Honey cake (medovik) is an impressive layered dessert dearly loved in Eastern European countries such Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, through to Czech Republic.

It is made of many thin caramelised honey layers held together with a cream of sweet and sour ingredients. It is dusted in honey crumbs, topped with crushed walnuts and, in our case, a personal touch of untraditional dried rose petals. This unusual combination creates a flavour profile unlike any other and is a must-try!

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